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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Learning Curve....

Some years back,when I was a small boy my mother used to tell me,” Beta,work for what is right.and specially for those who help you”. Unfortunately some things like this are told in every household but is not implemented. I grew up, and on the 18th of august joined Jadavpur University,since then was looking for a platform where I could come and speak of what my heart help so firmly beneath. JUDS gave me the platform.A platform which inculcated the strength to speak in front of hundreds, a blessing which I always wanted to repay. God with his hands happily gave me a chance to return in service through an event about even if a little which is told is enough ,’Vox Pop 2012’. People said ,‘why work so much for anything?’,’ why come on holidays?’, ‘why travel distances for ‘just’ an event ‘?. But they never understood that if a part of army stands back there has to be somebody to take the whole machine gun on his shoulders and stand alone in the path of his enemies,waiting not to be killed but to win and destroy. That same feeling grew in the heart’s of many fighters in JUDS who in beginning seeing no ray of hope in the very much wanted funds, still stood up went to places unknown, streets isolated and collected more than expected. I remember missing classes with Sourojit, for going to Chandani ,Hotels,shops in and around Jadavpur.Talking to so many but resulting in getting none. I sometimes thought that I should take a rest, but then understood that if I take rest, then I will be missing that part of important part of learning which I could have known, if I just went.Like, special techniques of attacking sponsors, getting them what they want from Abhishek da, learning HTML and photoshop from Priyam da(so well that today I designed a page for my own departmental fest),a little of bargaining from Anirban da, listening to unnecessary loud voice of Laboni and still keeping quiet, learning all formats of debating from Anwesha di, how to enjoy life from Shanshank da and finally keeping calm even in adverse situations from Supratik da. Things which make you a complete man were all taught in disguise here. The designing of flexes had been done in front of me,but the joy in helping the workers of JU to put them up,to picking up 20 kilos of “The Telegraph” and transferring it from one place to another and then enjoying sitting in a corner of JU’s Central Library the place where you sit till 8pm in the night, were things I pity I can’t enjoy for another year. From bargaining,to being thrown out,then coming back after touching feet of a man I never knew, and then finally reducing 2000 rupees of guest house expense, to instigating an auto driver to break a traffic signal for getting the memento for our chief gust ’Prof.Sugata Bose’ in time .These incidents cannot be taught but can only experienced in the moment of panic and with the ‘can-do’ spirit ,and fortunately had both. I am very happy that this life-time experience was just a ‘first-shot ’ for me, as I have still have three wonderful years,where again I will make JU as my make-shift home,again will run around for sponsors,again call so many unknown students for being a part of this wonderful event called as… Vox Pop 2012 Kartik Sondhi

Saturday, 22 October 2011

JU ONLINE DEBATE,30th October 2011

This a novel attempt by Jadavpur University Debating Society to recreate the experience of debating online. This is meant to encourage  debating beyond the stage.

Many of us are afraid to go up on stage and speak in front of an audience. Yet we want to voice our opinion and feel the thrill that comes with arguing with people. So, for all those who want to debate and has always been terrified of the stage and for those who think that debating is only about speaking in a stylish way, this is a platform where you fight and learn. 

This kind of a platform shall ensure that it is purely your argumentative skills that makes you win. External factors like nervousness on stage, shall be subtracted and the best logic defending or defeating the motion shall thrive.


It will take place on Facebook. ( no hassle of going to any venue! )


After you register you will be added to the group page for the debate. Just before the debate begins you will be randomly alloted a group with a motion. There will several such groups depending on the number of teams and each group shall get a different motion. Only the participants of that group, the jury and the organizers will be able to access that group. Teams from other groups will not be able to access that group. For example , you are alloted group A. Then a participant belonging to group B cannot read or argument or question you. The Jury shall comprise of several debators of the debating society who are both experienced and possess the required expertise. Their decision shall be final. Certificates of excellence will be given to winners. 


All students of Jadavpur University ( main campus and salt lake campus ) belonging to all years ( UG and PG ) of all depaetments are allowed to particiapte. 


 You register by emailing the Name of Yourself & Your Partner, along with your departments and contact numbers to <juds.voxpop@gmail.com>

Rules and Regulations:

1. Every participant has to register as team.

2. Every team is expected to submit two arguments – one "For" the motion and one "Against" the motion.Both the arguments have to submitted together.
(This means a participant cannot submit his/her argument until the team mate is also ready to do so.)

3.Each argument must not exceed 500 words. Overshooting word limit will be penalized.

4. Arguments have to be submitted within the allotted time. Arguments submitted before or after the allotted time shall not be accepted.

5. In the interjection hour (question and answer hour), every participant can interject a maximum of 3 participants.Every participant will have to interject at least one other participant (on the opposite  side of the motion) or else shall be penalized.

6. The interjections will be in form of 'comments' (the facebook option) to the arguments submitted.

7. Each interjection must not exceed 100 words and the reply to the question should not exceed  250 words.

8. The Jury will interject only if a participant does not receive any question by 3 p.m.

9. Between 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m., participants are also allowed to interject.

10.  Only the participant is allowed to answer to the question. If any other participant answers on your behalf, it will not be acknowledged and the answer will be immediately deleted.

Do’s and Don’ts:

1. Do not post unnecessary comments below any argument (either praising or rubbishing the argument) In case such comments are posted, it shall be immediately deleted by us.

2.The participant should reply to the each question just once. No cross question to the participant will be allowed.

3. Do not ‘like’ any post. It will not fetch any participant added points.

4. Do not overshoot the word limit. A longer argument is not necessarily a better argument. At the same time, do not write an argument lesser than 450 words.

5. Do not copy paste from Wikipedia or any site on the internet. If you do, we shall surely find out and points will be deducted.

6. Do not write an essay. This is a debate. You are expected to present an argument in a  conversational style. This means you have to write just the way you talk.You will be judged on the basis of
        a)  how well you argue
        b) how many new points you introduce ( the earlier you post your argument   
            the better as all your arguments will be "NEW")
        c) the logic of your argument 


In case you internet fails at a time when you have to submit your argument or interject, contact any of the following numbers immediately. You will be asked to text the argument or dictate it over phone and it will be posted on behalf of you by anyone of us.

(names and numbers to be added of the Back up Team)


 1. Registrations close at 11.00 a.m.

 2. Group allocation by 11.30 a.m. and all participants added to respective groups.
      Participants need to accept the request by 11.45 a.m.

 3. Motion released at 12.00 noon

 4. Submission of argument begin at 12.30 p.m.

 5. Submission of argument end at 2.00 p.m.

 6. Interjections begin at 2.00 p.m.

 7. Interjections by Jury begin at 3.00 p.m.

 8. All interjections  and counter reply end at 4.00 p.m.

 9. Debate ends at 4.00 p.m

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Freshers' Debate

The year had just started,I was still in 1st year, feeling protected under my beloved seniors, yet with the end of JULY, things started changing, not just in JUDS, but also in JU. "Abhishek" to "Abhishekda" was one of the most prominent change of them all. Was I loving it, I don't know, but I love changes, for me every change is pleasant.... Second semester results were a deterrent to my otherwise exuberant spirit, but then "Shit Happens" ! The fact that Anwesha & Shashank trusted us with organising Voxpop Freshers' Debate 2011, meant a lot to us all. Apart from the creative juices flowing, there was this added importance to ourselves, where we all felt special and wanted... The first few days were spent casually, lazing around,looking around and doing everything else other than planning.... I thought, "How much work could it be, will do it in a week", dismissing the gravity of the situation with utter disdain in my usual manner, but then Anwesha decided to wake us up with a bucket of cold water, right on our faces.... And Then We Worked.... I can't remember much in that period, as I was working really hard...but my failing memory tells me, that it remembers about today and yesterday....So I shall go onto that...But before that I must tell you about TWO very important lesson,that I learnt.


"TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD" especially messaging. Thanks to a grand total of over 1000 text messages in 3 days, the org.comm now had 2 "VOXPOP" s instead of 1...

The other one bigger than the planned one by 100% in terms of participation.

So we worked again.....

Now I must say this that when I had gone to the TEQIP with a broom in my hand, and Shreyashi as company, I wasn't too happy...But when I came out that day, after having 44 participants, I felt happy....
The fact that I had to clean TEQIP with a broom was trivialized by the sheer interest in debating that our new comers showed.

The debate went well that day, and no matter how much Shanky would say that he bothered me with Coffee, I personally feel it was something that they deserved, perhaps more if it could be afforded (:P) for the precious time, that they put in behind adjudicating the PRELIMS.

5. Something About Organizing....

1.VODAFONE and !DEA had a lot to do with the success of VoxPop.
2.Divyangana Played A Pivotal Role In Getting Us The Judges...and Permission from Profs. right in the middle of their classes to campaign.
3.Transportation Is That Part Of The Budget With looks Latent,But it makes steam alright :P
4.People In Sitting In Aurobindo Bhavan give crash courses on "ATTITUDE"
5.If you have nowhere else to dump trash, shove it in a cupboard and lock it,Shreyasi Banerjee and I , did that in TEQIP.
5.1. Anwesha Sengupta you promised to let us debate the motion proposed by Shashank.....DO NOT FORGET TO FULFILL IT

The finals had a few hiccups,messed up paper work, spellings and a few technical glitches on my side and a few from others, but in the end, it went well... Gouravda and Swagatamda, I have learnt a lot in your sheer presence...The learning was put to test today, I do not know whether I aced it or not,but am pretty sure I passed, and I can't thank you guys enough for all the valuable ideas, and methods that I have learnt from both of you in the last 1 year... This is my account of the organization, I was helped by each and every member of the Org. Comm. every single time I needed them, all I had to do was call or text...(the later one for me).
VOXPOP FRESHERS' DEBATE was a success of sorts...But there is a long way for me to go, more targets to achieve, some personal, some social, yet JUDS would remain a major goal, which I need to score , every time I get down to play, make sure the club thrives not just for now, but forever after...
Signing off....
I am tired :) JUDS is my Heart, KEEP IT BEATING.....

p.s.pardon my spellings and grammar....

Friday, 12 August 2011


Time has a rhythm of it’s own when I come to think of it. Looking back,it has not been long that I spent my first day in JU,almost  three years of Economics has gone within a blink of an eye,God knows how.Travelling  back to the initial days spent  in the university,I would often laugh at the thought  of getting lost in the campus,the fact that I despised classes because bells did not ring to demarcate  the end of one and the beginning  of another.It took me some time  to do away with the striking difference between school and college,to relish the fun of a class bunked,to  settle into the common mold of university life,to finally bid farewell  to fourteen years of school.
         It was  one of those first few days in JU when Mahasweta  and I decided  to enquire into the norms of the photography club as we wanted to be a part of it.Their  photographs  were mesmerizing and the early morning ventures they took into the city,coupled with the practical sessions interested us but for some reason I can’t recall we did not get ourselves enrolled there.On our way back ,in the first floor of AC  canteen we passed by a small room with a handful  of people .It did not strike me to ask one of them what the gathering was all about,neverthless   I waited for Mahasweta as she chanced upon one of her friends there.
       Mahasweta let me know that the bunch of young souls we passed by were a part of a certain Debating and Quizzing Society and I really did not know anything about it.Mahasweta wanted to attend one of their sessions.I could not think of anything better at that appoint of time and walked into the room on an impulse.
Well…that’s how it all started.I was quite an introvert while in school and never really kept track of the debate and impromptu competitions.Furthermore,articulation escaped me when asked to speak infront of people.Hence,the day  I walked into the debating room and decided to be a part of it,I really couldn’t expect much of myself.On the first day itself I met two debating pros who turned out to be dear friends in the days to come-Gouravda and Swagatamda. They introduced a unique round of introductory sessions where in you introduce your friend to the society and the friend does the same for you.This came as a breath  of  fresh air when you are mostly asked to introduce yourselves  wherever you went.Swagatamda  and Gouravda were never  imposing as seniors ,they treated us on equal terms and helped us grow and learn in course of debating.The other seniors without whom the debate society would have been incomplete and still is are Sushil Bhaiya and Arjunda.Both of them were humorous in their own little ways.Sushil Bhaiya’s innocence blended with humour made his simplest of speeches  hilarious,Arjunda stood out from the rest  during the ‘Block and tackle’  sessions.’Block and tackle’ relaxed us all after a session of intense debating,here the person concerned  will have to speak for the topic , “tackle” or against it,’block’ at the same time.Humuor was something that came to Arjunda  naturally and I have a reason to thank him today for the laughter,talk and fun he had ushered us into.Shubhojit  the ‘dude’! ,our very own Panja would peep in now and then ,he would always be eloquent enough regardless of whether he came prepared for the session or not.He is very jovial,the ‘take it easy’ kind of a guy we have taken immense liking to.
With the passage  of two years , old members passed out and new members came in.In all these days JUDS  did a fantastic job as far as grooming potential debaters  are concerned.One cannot help but praise the dedication and effort it’s present members are running the society with.Anwesha,Shashank ,Abhishek and the rest are truly worthy of appreciation.On that count  Gouravda,Swagatamda and our other seniors are the building blocks of JUDS and it is their creation that we thrive on.
Be it the weekly parliamentary debates  whetting our appetites  or the classic Vox Pop,JUDS will always be memorable and cherished.

                                                                                                                Suranjana Endow

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tueday 28th Meeting Synopsis and Important Updates

After nearly a couple of months break, JUDS resumed it's activities today in high spirit. Although the turn out was less, a very important discussion took place. For all those who were not present today, read on to update yourselves:

1.a ) Upcoming event NITMUN2011 to be held on 17th and 18th of September was discussed at length and it was agreed that all of us who are interested to evolve as Debaters need to participate in this. This event promises us an exposure in a format of debating that is new to all of us and if I may say the most "in" debating format at the moment. I urge all members to register for this event IMMEDIATELY by tomorrow the 29th of June WITHOUT FAIL.Considering there is no cap on the number of participants allowed per institutions and registrations are free, this is an opportunity each one of us should take. Please visit www.nitmun2011.co.cc to register.

b). Before you register, please google MUN ( Model/Mock United Nations) and read up a little on the format. Then, you will need to decide on which country you want to represent and in which committee. I would suggest first read the agenda assigned to each committee, then decide the committee depending on the agenda, and after that choose the relevant country by referring to the country matrix (https://426392913141499655-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/nitmun2011/registration/NITMUN2011COUNTRYMATRIX.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cqXlhNsIeN9OevBLcmkkVu_wYNavnjR0i6NvOeaOCnLnGEj70700jiL6tx9CUTm-TrjoKDk__poIJrwZD8alR9aDrTRXz-_oc-zmkSuOjaWwv14T6nBhRqFcN93-Pqq47YSOQmQcziL3VXR31FU43xcYz6bErhXGHF_NEKBRXa5kawg1mKDzrSMoukfumY_rMeTCa8auMDs9koL0q6up9jJ-n1Lpg0teX-vtwAzy2OHWE1zyHU%3D&attredirects=0 ) and reading up a little on the country.

c). Once you have done the initial looking up and the registration please post your choice of country and committee on the JUDS wall.

d). Do no be intimidated by the procedure or the research required because it's not just your first time, it's new to all of us and so we shall be working on this as a team.

e) For any doubts on this feel free to call up either me or Sashank

2. We also discussed other upcoming debates namely, NUJS MUN ( in July) and RV Collage MUN ( in September) . We intend to attend the NUJS MUN for exposure and if anyone is interested to give it a shot as a participant please get back to us.

3. We also spoke about events that we intend to host as a society this year. This shall be taken upon next week and elaborated upon.

4. We resume our regular meetings from Monday ( 3rd July) at 5 and I hope all of you will turn up because as you can see we have a pretty active year ahead and it will not be possible to live up to our aims without your active participation and interest.

Please DO register by tomorrow. Hoping to meet you all soon.


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tuhin @ Musings

It was another dull afternoon with cessation ,the only amigo.i exactly dont remember the date but it was someday during the academic boycott when abhishek told me "hey u should join juds" i replied " whats that?" and he replied back "come na !bujhe jabi" with a smile in my face i assured him "sure" i was new in ju ,n except for a few classmates i hardly interacted with anyone.so this offer was quite alluring.new people ,new friends ( *delirious joy*). i was familiar with that part of the campus n one fine evening me and varsha landed up in the karate hall only to realise that we were late. it all started up with primary introductions and then i could never imagine myself as part of this family . i wont go to the details .we all know what juds is,how vox pop turned out to be a success.so lets break the banality.apart from all the debates (in which i suck) juds has been more happening because of its ambience .because of its lovely members. inspite of all the ballyhoo there is a soothing euphony binding everyone. i dont know bout others but for me it was special because through this i regained contact with abhishek. i got to know amrita, shaggy da,gourav da and many more.from staff canteen "egg chop" to panfried momos quite a thrilling journey. i thank abhishek and others for helping me to become a part of this society ,for the self renessaince and for the enlightening discussions with gourav da and shaggy da. i dont have much else to write,just that i will miss gg n shagy da a lot but also on the contrary hoping to have loads of fun in the society for the remaining three years.i would definitely contribute to chronicle juds and further enhance the reputation which we earned during vox pop.......


Thursday, 5 May 2011

From Potter's Mouth

2007-First Year-Enters “The Rebel”, through the gates of Jadavpur University on a particularly soggy day (obviously disappointed) wearing an unmistakable expression of “What the hell was I thinking!!“ on his face and blissfully unaware of the click of the belt that had fastened him tight to the seat of this insane roller coaster ride, that would be his four years in JU. During his initial years, the Rebel, considering himself to be an aberration in this seemingly dull place, would try his hand at almost EVERYTHING, carefully treading his steps, trying to avoid crossing over the thin line that divides the Jacks from the Jacka**’es. It was around this time, during the momentous occasion of Sanskriti, that he was introduced into the circle of Debating. This was an important juncture in the Rebel’s life, because it would completely change his outlook towards JU. It was as if an artist had finally lifted the veil off the beautiful painting. The bubble had burst and all arrogance faded as the Rebel was now witness to the plethora of talent all around him. The “Debate Club”, as it was called in those days with its weekly sessions being held in one of the dingy classrooms of the EE department, brought him closer to these dynamic individuals, who apart from being great debaters, were visionaries in the true sense – the cream of JU. Arjun Da (a.k.a the Rockstar), on stage was always polite enough to address his opponents as “Friends” before castrating them with his sharp and witty rebuttals. GG, in spite of his incessant complaints of “not having any points” (for his speech), would somehow magically summon his points (that too killer ones!) and almost always go on to win the best speaker award. Shaggy, with his lucid speech and infallible logic would make the phrase “worthy opponents” altogether redundant and together GG & Shaggy would make an unbeatable team. The Rebel had finally found something unique he could look forward to every week, something that would not only help building his character but also help him take his mind off the humdrum academics and most importantly build lasting friendships. Come third year, the debate club grew thanks to the aggressive campaigning by GG and Shaggy and finally something extraordinary happened - the womenfolk arrived! – or so the Rebel thought. He noticed that these were no ordinary girls. Apart from the fact that they defied the equation, the rebel was in complete awe of the likes of Anwesha, the Eco girls, Dipabali, Amrita, Sreejata and others for their debating skills and at how they could match the energy and be at par with the veterans of the debate club, in spite of being freshers. The “Debate Club” had now become the JUDS family and with the addition of new members like Pal (Respect!) & Anirban, among others, one can legitimately claim JUDS to be one of the best Debating Societies in the country. Running the final lap of this ride i.e. engineering, JU now seems to be the total antithesis of his first impression and the Rebel is proud to be a part of the JUDS family, proud to be part of the team that made JU’s first ever National Level Debate Competition “VOX POP”, such a grand success. In his mind and heart, JUDS will always be one of the prime justifications for his stay at Jadavpur University and for that he is beholden for their enriching company. The ride has almost come to an end for the Rebel and he will definitely miss the rush, thrill and excitement. Let the next in line experience this joyride! 

2011- Final Year – Exits...nay...Humbly bows out  
Arjun Banerjee